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Buying bees from Bloomfield Honey Farm

This is our last season with the bees!  

Feedback / References from our customers:
"A big shout out of thanks to Jill Stackpole and The Bloomfield Honey Farm for producing a hardy, healthy and gentle colony of bees for The Soap Hag last year. They were the only colony of bees in our small apiary to over-winter, and we have already pulled some honey and wax from this nuc for our lotion making! Jill has the heart of a teacher and is so willing to answer any and all questions. Thank you for being a great resource for all things bees!" - Lynn Schnapp aka: The Soap Hag

"Hi Jill, see my picture of our honey harvest with our first year Bloomfield NUC. Our first hive that was nearly lost has made a miraculous turn around with your queen, and have two full deeps of stores and improved numbers for the winter. I remain very hopeful that it will survive through the winter. Thanks so much!" -Jackie Parsons Tomko

"Hey, just wanted to shout out the NUC I received from last year is kicking butt. A large and healthy colony! Lets see what they do this spring, I am excited to see them pollinate my fruit trees after last year's dud of a year." - Mark Wyman
"Jill, I LOVE the bees you sold me last year in the nuc. The hive is thriving! They are putting up honey in the honey super I put on 3 weeks ago. And the bees are so gentle. I have had hives that attack me when I get near them, follow me forever trying to sting. NOT THESE. Today I opened the hive to check on them, pulled off the honey super, put it back on and walked away. None of them followed me, none tried to attack. And I did all of this without any smoke at all. I'm glad I have 2 more nucs coming this year. Nice job."   - Mike Schaertl
"I am very pleased with both nucs I purchased from you last year. Both went into the winter very strong with a good store of honey. If all goes well they should be out and about as soon as the weather permits. This was the first time I used nucs, In the past purchase package bees. I'm sold on your Bloomfield mongrels, they're gentle, easy to work with and very productive. When can I purchase 2 more Nucs?" -Tom Morgan

"Super great NUCs here! Awesome people, awesome bees! I highly recommend them!" - Bryan Babcock

"I, of course, tell every one that your bees rock!" - Matt Campbell

"The two nucs I purchased were loaded with bees. I love the special cardboard boxes with the notched frame insets. They were both very heavy and the frames were filled out! Robust! I had to quickly get them into their hive supers. These two hives grew quickly after I put them in. They seem to be very healthy and I even got a few pounds of honey their first year. Great place to get started with beekeeping - happy, healthy, and LOCAL bees!" - David Wikiera

"I was a novice aspiring beekeeper in the summer of 2010. I wanted to keep bees in medium supers only. Bloomfield Honey Farm was able to accommodate with 2 medium frame nucs. "Jill and Bill Bees" are robust . I am overwintering in my second season with these bees. " - Mark Cohen

"As a beginner beekeeper, I really enjoyed working with Bloomfield Honey, and had a very positive experience. Jill is a wealth of information, and can help get you going in the right direction. I successfully purchased and installed my first nuc from Bloomfield Honey. I was really happy with the quality of the bees and my nuc overall. My queen was healthy and very active, the brood frames full. I would absolutely recommend Bloomfield Honey, and do plan on utilizing their service again! I respect the quality of their work, and the responsibility they put into their honeybee program. Thanks Jill & Bill!" - Mary McElhinney

"I bought 2 medium nucs from Bloomfield Honey Farm in Spring 2011. In spite of terrible summer weather, they were gentle, and produced enough honey for themselves to winter over and some to help other hives I have. I still hear buzzing, so am hopeful for spring. I plan to buy more this year. Those medium nucs are so much easier to work with." - Eileen Brophy

"I have had nothing but positive experience with Jill at Bloomfield Honey Farm. She has been patient in answering questions from this newbie beekeeper. I am working with local survivor bees and it is important to me to breed bees that are well adapted to our harsh climate and not treated with chemicals. Last year I needed to requeen a hive and purchased a queen from Bloomfield Honey Farm. This hive has done very well!" - Laurie Walker

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